Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation : The purpose of regular rotation of tyres is to prolong tyre life by achieving more uniform wear of all tyres on a vehicle. Rotating the tyres as recommended by the vehicle or tyre manufacturer will help even out the amount of wear on each tyre and extend the life of entire set.

Although there are many best practices available for tyre rotation as recommended by vehicle manufacturers and tyre manufacturers, in case if it not available, the following practices may be followed:

1. Tyre Rotation scheme for Car Tyres
Tyre Rotation pattern for normal wear

2. Tyre Rotation scheme for Commercial Tyres

  • First rotation: Rotate the front tyres in every 6000Km irrespective of wear (Even/Uneven)

First Rotation

  • Second rotation: After the first rotation, rotate the front tyres on the rim in next 6000Km. Repeat the process.

Second Rotation

Repeat the first and second rotation in the interval of 6000Km to avoid uneven wear.

Tyre Rotation scheme for Drive tyres: Plan1

Drive Tyres: Rotate the drive tyres in every 9000Km.
Drive Tyres

Tyre Rotation scheme for Drive tyres: Plan II

Tyre Rotation scheme for Drive tyres
When steer axle tyre is wearing out severe unevenly in spite of all necessary correction