Selecting the right Tyre

    • Tyres provide the interface between the vehicle and the road.
    • Tyres play an extremely important part not only in performance & driving experience, but also in overall safety.
    • A right set of tyres will improve the handling, steering, acceleration and braking of vehicle.
    • Selecting the right tyres for the vehicle is important, which can greatly influence the safety and driving experience.


  • Tyres must be selected as per the recommendations from Vehicle or Tyre manufacturer.
  • Replacement tyres should be suitable for the conditions of use of the vehicle, and be capable of carrying the axle loads imposed.
  • Ensure that the tyre fitment conforms to the prevailing Indian regulations e.g ISI marking on side wall of tyres.

WARNING: Re-assembly of mismatched parts can result in serious injury or death. Just because parts fit together does not mean that they belong together. Check for proper matching of all rim parts before assembly. Mismatching tyre and rim components is dangerous. A mismatched tyre and rim assembly may explode and can result in serious injury or death. This warning applies to any combination of mismatched components and rim combinations. Never assemble a tyre and rim unless you have positively identified and correctly matched the parts.