ATMA Resources

Research and Technical are two key resources of ATMA.

ATMA Research

ATMA Research is a specialized in-house resource of ATMA that aims at compiling and analyzing information on automotive tyres as well as upstream (Natural Rubber and other raw materials) and downstream (Automobile) sectors in India. The information for analysis is sourced from authentic and reliable sources including tyre majors, Government departments, regulatory bodies, other industry associations and apex industry chambers.


ITTAC LogoIndian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC) is a specialised resource of Indian tyre industry comprising technical representatives drawn from all member companies. ITTAC came into being as an outcome of a dialogue amongst key stakeholders to set up, establish, support & develop for India, a competent body for dealing with Technical aspects of pneumatic tyres, tubes, rims and valves used in automotive vehicles.

ITTAC ensures that member companies representing 95% of the tyre industry in India are able to offer common basic dimensions for tyres and related products thereby ensuring that these items are dimensionally interchangeable, irrespective of “make” or “brand”. ITTAC brings out a Standards Manual which is one of the most trusted reference documents on standards for Tyre, Rim and Valve. ITTAC also publishes Tyre Guides for different category of tyres as a comprehensive compilation of different types of tyre damages, their appearances and recommendations which reflect the consensus of the members of ITTAC.