ATMA Expert Groups

ATMA Expert Groups comprise industry experts who monitor key issues, prepare position papers and consult the Managing Committee in respective areas of expertise.

Industry, Public & Economic Affairs (IPEA) Group

Key Areas

  • Tracking the overall Economic, Industry & Sectoral trends in Auto & Tyre sectors (Global & Domestic)
  • Research and consolidation of aggregated industry figures (Historical, Current & Projected)
  • Drafting reports on Economy, Key sectors & Industry.
  • Research on production, distribution, consumption and trade of the automobile tyres.
  • Assessment of concerns and challenges being faced due to import and export of automotive tyres.
  • Identify and research on top 10 export markets for automotive tyres.
  • Relationship Management for smooth functioning of the industry with sectors having direct/indirect linkage – Tyre Dealers, Transporters, Customers, Importers, etc.

Convener: Mr. Rajesh Dahiya, Group Head-Sales, APMENA, Apollo Tyres Ltd.,
Co-Convener: Mr. Vaibhav Saraf, G M Sales & Marketing,


Mr. Anba Balu, Marketing Head, Birla Tyres
Mr. Nitish Bajaj, Vice President – Marketing, Ceat Ltd.
Mr. Prashant Kumar, Director Sales & Marketing PLT, Continental India Ltd.
Mr. Vikram Malhotra, Director (Marketing & Sales), JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.
Mr. Abhishek Pandey, Marketing Manager, Goodyear India Ltd.
Mr. Ajey Shiledar, Country Manager – Marketing, Michelin India Tyres Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Rajat K. Nangia, Senior General Manager – Replacement Sales, MRF Ltd,
Mr. Kallol Choudhury, Executive Vice President – Marketing, TVS Srichakra Ltd.
Mr. Gaurav Mahajan, Sr Manager – Sales Planning Group, Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd.

Supply Chain & Resources (SCR) Group

Key Areas

  • Analysis of the fair and sustainable supply of raw materials on short, medium & long term basis
  • Conducting studies on the Import – Export scenario of raw materials
  • Assessment of the challenges being faced due to the raw material supply
  • Tracking the commodity price trends required for the industry
  • Surveying the market as regards substitution of Raw Materials

Convener: Mr. Mohan Kurian, Senior General Manager Materials, MRF Ltd.,
Co-Convener: Mr. Krishnamohan Nimmagadda, Zone Purchasing Manager, Michelin India Tyres Pvt. Ltd.,


Mr. Pravin Tripathi, Head Global – Purchase, Apollo Tyres Ltd.,
Mr. Sushil Bahilani, Head Procurement, Birla Tyres,
Mr. Navin Choubey, Sr. Dy. G M – Purchase, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Roopesh R., Vice President – Procurement, Ceat Ltd.,
Mr. Yazery Yaakub, Head of Purchasing, Continental India Ltd.,
Mr. Tejpal Garhwal, Manager – Procurement Operations, Goodyear India Ltd.,
Mr. Ashish Pandey, Vice President – Materials, JK Tyres & Industries Ltd.
Mr. V. Natrajan, Head – Supply Chain, TVS Srichakra Ltd.,
Mr. Yoshio Hirose, Deputy Plant Head, Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd.,

Technology, Environment, Safety & Standards (TESS) Group

Key Areas

  • Comprehensive promotion of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle)
  • Collaboration with Governments (domestic & foreign) and tyre related organizations concerning harmonization of safety regulations.
  • Research and participation in environment related issues
  • Tracing and Tracking Technology advancements (Global & Domestic)
  • Encouragement for recycling & resource efficiency
  • Plan & promote policies concerning tyre usage, road safety and environmental preservation
  • Publication of ITTAC Year Book (standards for automobile tyres)
  • Review and assessment of global standards & legislation impacting the Tyre Industry (Short, Medium & Long Term)
  • Promote and advance the use of sustainable Transportation
  • Promote and advance the use of nano-materials

Convener: Mr. V. K. Misra, Technical Director, J.K. Tyre & Industries Ltd.,
Co-Convener: Mr. Rajiv Raghuwanshi, Plant Head-Quality & Technology, Goodyear India Ltd.,

Mr. P. K. Mohamed, Chief Advisor – Research & Technical, Apollo Tyres Ltd.,
Dr. Sarat Ghosh, Chief Technology Officer, Birla Tyres,
Mr. S. S. Gussain, Sr. Deputy General Manager, Training Center, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Tom Thomas, Executive Director (Technology & Projects), Ceat Ltd.,
Mr. Zhong Ma, Director of Standards and Regulations APAC, Continental India Ltd.,
Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Director – Norms and Regulations, Michelin India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. P.J. Xavier, Executive Vice President R&D, MRF Ltd.,
Mr. S Gopalakrishnan, Vice President – R&D, TVS Srichakra Ltd.,
Mr. Yoshio Hirose, Deputy Plant Head, Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd.,

Government Affairs & Legislation (GAL) Group

Key Areas

  • Govt/Trade Policies review (Excise, Customs, Tax, Budget, etc).
  • Identification and analysis of measures that may be employed to safeguard the interests of the domestic industry in respect of trade legislations (ADD, Safeguard, Countervailing duties).
  • Providing critical financial, legal and other related inputs for research reports (e.g. Tariff Commission, Competition Commission, etc).
  • Tracking industry cost trends (in close functioning with the Supply Chain Group).

Convener: Ms. Shruti Joshi, Corporate Secretary, Ceat Ltd.,
Co-convener: Mr. K.P. Rangaraj, President-Finance, TVS Srichakra Ltd,


Mr. Anil Chopra, Head – Corporate Accounts, Apollo Tyres Ltd.,
Mr. Asim Bhattarcharya, Business Controller, Birla Tyres,
Ms.Vinita Puntambekar, Sr. Dy. General Manager – Taxation, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Niranjan Pattnayak, Senior Manager – Indirect Tax, Continental India Ltd.,
Mr. Shailendra Jindal, Head – Taxation, Goodyear India,
Mr. Sanjeev Saxena, Vice President (Corporate  Accounts), J.K. Tyres & Industries Ltd.,
Ms. Nandita Khurana, Zone Director – Legal ( AIM), Michelin India Tyres Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Madhu Nainan, Vice President – Finance, MRF Ltd.,
Mr. Ajay Gupta, General Manager, Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd.,

Skill Development

Key Areas

  • Monitoring the fast unfolding skilling ecosystem in the country
  • Liaising with Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC), the sector skill council, set up by All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) & Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
  • Undertaking projects that are offered by the Government for creating more skilled
    manpower for the Tyre industry
  • Liaising with universities and engineering institutes for running courses to develop readily
    employable workforce for tyre industry.
  • Conducting research and improving delivery mechanism for skilling and upskilling
    professionals in the industry

Convener: Mr. K.N. Betraaj, General Manager – HR, TVS Srichakra Ltd. <;
Co-convener: Mr. K.P. Rangaraj, President-Finance, TVS Srichakra Ltd, <;


Ms. Harshita Pande, Group Head – HR , Apollo Tyres Ltd.
Ms. Ambita Sen, Birla Tyres,
Mr. Shivashish Dass, General Manager – HR & Admin , Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Ranjan Sarkar, VP – HR, Ceat Ltd.,
Mr. Ismail Jara, Head Human Relations, Continental India Ltd.,
Mr. Prakash Awasthi, Manager HR & Organizational Development, Goodyear India Ltd.,
Mr. Pradyumna Pandey, Asst. Vice President (HR), J.K. Tyres & Industries Ltd.,
Ms. Debbie Harris, Country Manager – Personnel & Admin, Michelin India Tyres Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Roy Joseph, VP – HR & Services, MRF Ltd.,